Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thankless People, Thankless Nation !

The world's biggest crime that a human can do is being thankless. Why does a person become thankless. There are many reasons for it. Its when his/her bad days are gone and he/she no longer feels the need of the one who helped. This happens when he/she becomes powerful, has all the resources and people around to support. In general, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A mentally corrupt person doesnt remain human anymore or we can say he/she becomes wild and cant treat others as humans as he/she feels 100% safe under all circumstances. Thats why it is said that FEAR is also essential for MAN to remain a human.

Thats why Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the concept of Khalsa (Saint- Soldier), the one who is a warrior and powerful but also worships God, remembers HIM as more powerful than the man and also remembers Death. I wont hesitate a bit to say that people like BALWANT SINGH RAJOANA portray that personality, character. Though he was a part of the plot to assassinate Beant Singh, but he is true at heart and has the courage to accept the truth and face death with a smile. Thousands of Sikhs were killed, raped, burnt alive in 1984 and not even a single person is punished till date. Let me ask everyone that what will you do if your mother or sister is raped infront of your own eyes, your father, brother or son is burnt alive by a mob and then nobody listens to you and you are asked to forget what happened?  Obviously all of us wont take extreme steps but atleast some will. 

It is the irony of fate that in this nation of thankless people, criminals who murdered thousands of innocent people are living with impunity and nobody raises voice for the victims and if a victim is compelled to take extreme steps, he is labelled as a terrorist. I agree that under all circumstances, crime is a crime. But my point is, even the murderers of Sikhs in 1984 and Muslims in 2002 must be treated on the same grounds, under the same law. Will they be given the liberty and privilege to murder anyone since they belong to the majority in this country? Are minorities a third grade citizens or slaves who dont have any human value and will be blatantly denied justice and they dont have any rights to demand the same? This was the way Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs were treated under the British. Then why people like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandra Shekher Azad, who retaliated against the British are called Martyrs and Patriots and Sikhs who retaliate are called terrorists?

I do have a secular thinking and I have always written for our country India and against the corrupt who are looting our country. But just to defend my secular image and get that tag from people, it cant happen that I only raise my voice when wrong is being done to others and I escape and become a silent spectator when people of my family of community are being targeted, victimized. The point is, I will raise my voice when wrong is done with anyone, irrespective of religion, caste.

 Guru Gobind Singh had gifted this country with free-of-cost soldiers, who were always ready to sacrifice their lives for the country. They have done this in large numbers, even though they constitute very small percentage of Indian population. Whole of Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation and there were no Muslims in India. With the invasion of Afghanistan and then India by Mughals, whole of Afghanistan was converted to a Muslim country and so was much of Hindu population of India. Almost 40 crores Muslim population of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh were the Hindus who were forcefully converted. Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed the life of his complete family to oppose and stop this forceful conversion. Brahmins of Kashmir (Kashmiri Pandits) had gone to Guru Teg Bahadur for help to save their existence and so Guru Saheb was beheaded in Chandani Chowk. The Guru and the Sikhs were never anti-Muslim but they opposed the wrong done by anyone and thats why they opposed forceful conversion of the Hindus.

This country has always been thankless towards Sikhs. Right from the time of independence, Sikhs have been subjected to injustice. Gandhi and Nehru were successful in their plan that sikhs dont accept the offer of the British to take a separate Sikh Nation covering areas from Lahore to Delhi. They said- Sikhs are our heads, we will be headless bodies without them. Thus they duped Master Tara Singh and Sikhs choose to stay with India.

When the state of Punjab was to be demarcated in independent India, it was cut from all the possible sides, taking out Haryana, Himachal, leaving a negligible part of the original Punjab. Sikhs had to give voluntary arrests in 1966 to protest against this but nothing happened. 

Since Sikhs were brave and warriors, it was the fear of Brahmin rulers of this country and they worked to weaken and demoralize Sikhs in every possible way. Till today, one would find Wine Shops in every nook and corner of Punjab and you can freely consume liquor on the road side as almost nowhere else in India. This was a slow process, initiated from the time of independence, to intoxicate the generations of the Sikhs in Punjab, which was the religious center of the Sikhs. Jokes were created and cracked against Sikhs and media was put into service to show Sikhs as subjects of mockery. Whenever a Sikh is shown in a movie, he is always dressed very badly, in multi-coloured clothes, hair and turban loosely tied and almost hanging. Mostly Sikhs will be shown as drunkards or drivers with all sorts of nonsense talks. This discourages our younger generation, which gets drifted more and more towards getting clean shaved.

Sikhs were among those few who stood for the benefit country and opposed Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. It was that grudge which Indira had and she first projected Sikh hardliners and then planned an attack on the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Where was the Army, BSF and intelligence agencies of this country when truck loads of weapons were taken inside the Golden Temple? Such huge cache of weapons were obviously not produced by Sikhs inside their homes. She masterminded the complete game plan to damage and defame Sikhs as much as possible and was very much successful in doing that.

When the Sikhs retaliated and killed her, what does the law say? Those who killed her must be hanged to death. But Rajiv Gandhi let loose the goons, criminals to kill innocent Sikhs across the country for 3 days. Till today not even a single criminal has been punished. Were they aliens who appeared from nowhere, killed the Sikhs and then disappeared back to nowhere? Why is the majority population of this country silent over it? Silence is acceptance. So those who silently agreed that what was done to Sikhs was right, they are equally a part of the crime.


Today we cry about criminals being in politics, ruling us and looting our hard earned money. Who are they? They are the same criminals who where directly promoted and shielded by Rajiv Gandhi and indirectly promoted and shielded by all of us. They promote more criminals and corrupt in every department, let it be police, medicine, defence, judiciary, etc and these departmental heads further promote corrupt and criminal minded people.

Ultimately, all the above mentioned criminals and corrupt at the helm of affairs of this country kill, rape, loot our own people and 8 out of 10 victims are from our majority i.e., the Hindus. 

Religious difference do arise even in developed countries but the Majority Religious population doesnt let loose the goons over the minorities like in India. Shiv Sena, VHP, RSS have been developed and equipped for the same purpose. Promoting terrorists organizations like these will be the same blunder that Pakistan committed by harbouring terrorists in its territory. Today, they have become a curse for their own country itself. 

Sikhs took out peaceful processions across Punjab. Today they were attacked by Shiv Sena terrorists and Police also opened fire on Sikhs, killing 3 people. Shiv Sena terrorists can be seen burning the same turban which saved their own identity. 

 In developed countries, mostly Europeans and the US, they understand that a Country is like a Home and all people are like Family Members. A home can only be peaceful if all members are treated equally and same rules apply to everyone. Only then home can be kept in order. By promoting fanatic, gunda elements, each member of the family is at risk. Such activities develop a lack of faith among the minority members and widens the gap, which is further exploited by politicians and its a never ending process. 

In developed countries they ensure to have strict laws in place, which treat everyone as equal and give the similar punishment to everyone for same intensity of crime.

Neither Sikhs were anti- India and nor they are. But there is a limit to the injustice that a person can tolerate and this applies to everyone. Naxalites in different parts of India are not Sikhs or Muslims. They are the outcome of failed national policies and discrimination of corrupt rulers.

Quoting Ms. Arundhati Roy from her article which was titled- A Ghost Story and made the cover story of Outlook Magazine issue dated- March 26 2012 - 

"Meanwhile in Chhattisgarh, the Salwa Judum burned, raped and murdered its way through hundreds of forest villages, evacuating 600 villages, forcing 50,000 people to come out into police camps and 3,50,000 people to flee. The CM announced that those who didnt come out of the forests would be considered to be 'Maoist Terrorists"

"Recently, Soni Sori, an adivasi school-teacher from Bastar, was arrested and tortured in police custody. Stones were pushed up her vagina to get her confess that she was a "Maoist Courier". Soni Sori still remains in jail and Ankit Garg, the SP who conducted interrogation was conferred with the President's Police Medal for Gallantary on Republic Day".

None of the above mentioned people is either a Sikh or a Muslim. It is the time for the Hindu majority to take up stand against the corrupt and the wrong, no matter which Indian is a victim of it. It is you who can make a difference by boycotting the corrupt and criminals and restoring faith in the minorities. Muslims of Kashmir had happily chosen to live with India. It were Nehru's policies that made them feel alienated and discriminated and the gap went on widening over the period of time. 

Lets remember that time has re-written the political landscape of the world time and again. If supremacy of the British Empire didnt remain, USSR didnt remain, nobody else's will remain. Those who were Hindus at one point of time are today reciting Namaz in masjids of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India itself. Many Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims are converting to Christianity. 

Only truth shall prevail and as we sow, so shall we reap. 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Origin of the word - Hindu

United Punjab (including part now in Pakistan was earlier known as "Madhur Desh" (Sweet Country) because of the Fertile Land and sweet river water.

Before that, almost 1,500 years back, it was known as "Sapt Sindu" (Sapt- seven, sindhu- river) as it had 7 rivers flowing through its land. 

The inhabitants of this area of Sapt Sindhu (Punjab & neighbouring fertile plains) were called SINDHU.

Since Afghans & other invaders from Central Asia couldn’t pronounce the sound of "S", they pronounced the word SINDHU as HINDU.

So, the inhabitants of Fertile Plains of Sapt Sindhu Region were being called HINDU from that time, around 1,500 years back.

Since Sanatan Dharma was the only religion in this area at that time, all were collectively called HINDUS. This included people from all sects, the upper castes and the lower castes.

Later on, as Mughals invaded India, Islam started spreading here. With the birth of Guru Nanak, Sikhism came into being.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Religion- Most Beautiful yet Most Misunderstood!

Our body is made up of 5 elements. Our body consists of 5 subtle bodies namely - Etheric Body (vehicle of life, divine light) , Emotional or Astral Body (vehicle of desires and emotions), Mental Body (vehicle of concrete or lower mind), Causal Body (vehicle of the abstract or higher mind), Illusion Body (Mayavi Rupa). We have 5 types of negatives or moral evils inside us- Anger, Lust, Greed, Strong Attachment to an individual or worldly possessions and Pride. Hands and feet have 5 fingers each. All the above mentioned are FIVE in number.

Thats why from ages, in India, 5 men were elected and a panchayat was formed as the leader of a village or a community. Arjuna's chariot, of which Lord Krishna was the charioteer in Mahabharata, had 5 horses. Guru Gobind Singh picked up 5 Beloved Ones (Panj Payare), gave 5 K's to the Sikhs and asked to recite 5 Gurbanis every morning (Nitnem). Prophet Mohammed asked Muslims to recite Namaz 5 times a day.

Religion can be called as sum total of all the laws of nature that govern the universe. It also describes the ultimate aim of our birth and life on this earth. It clearly defines and explains the difference between good and bad and also the consequences of which way we go.

All the world's knowledge can be derived from these books because the laws of nature hold true everywhere, every time and are the same.  If you go through Personality Development books, one may find that its nothing but an explanation of timeless principles that have proved beneficial for man. If we go through Management Books, the philosophies of being customer centric, customer service and value for money to the customer are nothing but the practical translation of religious/human teachings which tell us to treat every human as equal and share with other and eat.

God has kept birth and death in His direct control, has laid down the Principles for fruitful existence and has sent Prophets/Saints from time to time to make us understand the same. He has given us intelligence to understand and analyse everything. After doing all this, He has given us free-will to live life between Birth and Death. The family, friends and situations which we get are as per our deeds that we have done till now, let it be in this birth or previous birth. Our actions are the seeds and the resulting happiness or sorrow is the fruit of that seed.

Religion divides all our bad/negative deeds in 10 parts or under 10 headings. Out of these ten, 3 deeds are performed by our body physically, 3 are performed by our mind and 4 are performed by our tongue. Three of these are performed by our body physically are - murder, rape/defame someone, and robbery. Three bad deeds performed by our mind in form of bad thoughts are to think of damaging someone in financial terms, thinking of hurting or killing someone and thinking of exploiting someone, molesting or raping someone. Four bad/ negative deeds done by our tongue are useless talks, talking rude with someone, abusing someone and defaming someone.

All our sins fall into one or more of the above mentioned categories. As we go on committing the same bad deed, it gets so much imbibed into our habit and character that we start justifying our actions and start driving pleasure out of it. One might question that why even a THOUGHT in the mind is considered to be a SIN? Its because a THOUGHT is the SEED of everything. As goes the saying - 

"Sow a THOUGHT, Reap an ACTION; Sow an ACTION, Reap a HABIT; Sow a HABIT, Reap a CHARACTER; Sow a CHARACTER, Reap a DESTINY".

Law of the land treats physical action as crime and punishes us for that. Religion and God considers our bad thoughts as crime and punishes us for that. Law tries to treat the symptoms, Religion tries to treat the root cause. As our religious and spiritual values are getting more and more eroded, our thoughts are getting more and more maligned and inspite of most stringent laws in force, crime and unrest has increased even in most developed countries during past one century. 

We say we cant see God. If God appears in one face, in one form and in one character, he is defined, localized presence- not omnipresent and comes into the range of our intelligence. That means the creation of God, i.e., Man and his intelligence is greater than God himself, as it could understand and define HIM. Creation cant be greater than the Creator Himself. So God is present in the form of Prophets/ Avtaars/ Saints, He is present in the form of Divine Light inside every living being. There is a burning desire in every man/woman to become God because we are actually a part of HIM and the soul inside us is His light. The proof of this is that we all want an endless life in which death doesnt occur and thats being like God. We all want endless wealth, possessions and glory and thats like being God himself. There had been people who have enlightened themselves to rise above the world and became saints, who could live as much as they wanted and be present anywhere they wanted. They become a part of God himself and then take birth as His Messengers in the form of Prophets/ Avtaars and show us His Way.

All the pains of the world are the fruits of our intelligence, which compels us to question and be dissatisfied with all what we have and so we are not happy with what we have and what is happening with us or around us. Religion says that one should perform his/her actions and leave the rest on God. HE will give the fruit of those actions/ hardwork. But since we dont trust Him and so doubt that whether what i got is what I deserved, we are always dissatisfied and unhappy. 

To attain happiness, there are two ways. One is that we should stop bothering about the fruits, trust God and leave it to Him, i.e., we rise above our intelligence/mental level and be a part of Him. Second is to fall below the level of intelligence i.e., where our mind/ intelligence doesnt work. Start taking drugs, alcohol and fall below to such levels where our mind actually goes to such a state where it cant think and make difference between good or bad. Unfortunately, falling down is easy but its a dark, bottomless pit and 90% of us choose to go this way.

Ultimately, question arises that whats a balanced life which gives us the best of both the worlds. Its the life about which Lord Krishna taught Arjuna, its the life of Saint and Soldier that Guru Gobind Singh taught Sikhs in the form of Khalsa (the purest one). Obviously such examples and teaching are there in Islam and Christianity and every other religion of the world, which are beyond my very limited knowledge. If we become warriors and dont take God's name, we will become cruel and arrogant and power will make us murderer, rapist and what not. If we live the life of a Saint only, even a gang of robbers will make us slave and rule us. This was what exactly happened in India when Babar attacked us just with a gang of 500 men and became a ruler.  

So we need to do our deeds (Karma) and at the same time try to worship God and remember His words through our Holy Books so that we live a balanced life, dont become danger to anyone and dont let anyone become a threat to us. God will bless us and earth itself will become a heaven because no other heaven exists. When we are happy, its heaven inside our hearts and when we are suffering, its hell inside us.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We Indians need to be multi-talented to survive!

During past few days, I have remembered and tweeted these lines from a song from  Sanjay Dutt Movie- Sadak and with every next day and experience, these lines seem to be more meaningful and true in Indian context- 

"Andhe Behron Ki Basti, Chaaron Taraf Andher Hai, Sab Ke Sab Lachaar Hain, Kon Sunne Kis Ki Fariyaad".

Scams, murders, rapes, vote-bank politics and what not. Everything targeted at amassing as much wealth as possible, by what ever means, no matter where and from whom it comes.

I was travelling in train and came across a very well educated, talented, young Police Sub-inspector. He shared with me that People can be categorized in following ways depending upon how honest they are. First, the "Dead Honest" like Sh. Anna Hazare, who himself is not corrupt and believes in stopping others from it. Second are the "Honest", like Dr. Manmohan Singh, who himself is not corrupt but hardly goes out of the way to stop others from corruption. He said that in India, 0.0001% people are Dead Honest and 0.001% people are honest. Third category, in which, according to him 80% of us fall are the "Reasonably Honest". These are the people who dont believe in harming anyone directly but if they can make little bit money here and there, they dont abstain from it. Last category includes the people whom we can call "Dishonest" who believe that by hook or crook, they should amass wealth, as much as possible and remaining 19-20% of us fall in this category and this includes Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Industrialists like Ambanis. Obviously we can include most of the powerful people in last category, which includes Police and even the people from defence.

These dishonest, who are the powerful and at the helm of affairs are making life more and more difficult for the majority i.e., 80% of us, who are reasonably honest, thus compelling more and more of this 80% to degrade, fall below the level of principles, ethics and get involved into the dirty business of looting the country. If systems fall in place and the majority gets atleast the basic amenities of day to day life, they will be more than happy and will upgrade to the Honest category and that will be in the best interest of the nation. But when they see their loved ones go without quality food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, they are compelled to take any and all ways to fulfill those basic needs and thus this category of Dishonest goes on swelling while that of Honest and Reasonably Honest go on shrinking. This is a very dangerous trend and must be stopped immediately for the betterment of one and all. 

Dishonest people dont realise that they are snatching a plate of meals from the hands of many poor families, just as they were about to eat and give that money to their kids to waste for a drink in a pub. 

They dont realise that they kick out the poor even from broken huts when they were trying to sleep in cold january night and sell that land to use the money for their wife's or daughter's jewellery.  

They dont realise they are snatching medicines from millions who are lying to death bed and use that money for lavish family functions and trips abroad. 

Such is the situation that we cant trust on police, lawyers, judges, doctors and even the media which is mostly biased and paid. For survival, we need to be very vigilant and selective while dealing with all the above. So, we need to have little knowledge of laws, medicine, and authenticity of information, if we want to survive properly even inside our own home and in society and save ourselves from being cheated, damaged. Life is still easy for people like you and me, who are among the few blessed. I am talking about more than 80% of our countrymen who dont have access to internet, and dont have time to be a part of this social media. In other words, such is the situation that we Indians need to be multi-talented and know and somehow play the role of police, lawyers, medical experts and even journalists and educationists for our personal betterment and for the betterment of fellow countrymen. This is the unfortunate situation that prevails in our country today and we only are responsible for it.

Most importantly, as I keep saying always, we need to be Intelligent Voters. We must vote for the Individual, seeing his Credibility and past record and not for the Political Party/Caste/Religion because good people will do good and criminals will spread crime and in both the cases, they dont see your caste or religion while showing their real worth. Ultimately choice is ours that which category we want to be in and how we want to see our future.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Do we understand the meaning of "Human Rights" ?

Wikipedia defines Human Rights as - "Human rights are commonly understood as "inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being." Human rights are thus conceived as universal (applicable everywhere) and egalitarian (the same for everyone)."

Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) says - "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

If we go through the above lines and understand the meaning of Human Rights, does it fall in place with India's context? How often Human Rights are violated in India? How many of us are getting/ enjoying our Human Rights as per the above mentioned definitions?

Human rights can be classified and organized in a number of different ways, at an international level the most common categorisation of human rights has been to split them into civil and political rights, and economic, social and cultural rights.

Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individualsfreedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression.

Economic, social and cultural rights are socio-economic human rights, such as the right to educationright to housingright to adequate standard of living and the right to health.

Lets again ask ourselves that are we enjoying or I would rather say exercising or allowed to exercise Civil & Political Rights, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights? Forget about enjoying or exercising, do we know our basic human rights at first place? Let me honestly confess I myself didn't know all this in so much of detail before I started writing these lines and so searched the  net for details.

Further to add from Wikipedia - "Economic, social and cultural rights are recognised and protected in international and regional human rights instruments. Member states have a legal obligation to respect, protect and fulfill economic, social and cultural rights and are expected to take "progressive action" towards their fulfillment."

Sorry to say, these rights are only recognised and protected in human rights instruments or books and are limited to that only. If India is a member of the United Nations and has to abide by whats said in the above mentioned statement, does anyone question our leaders when they go and ask for permanent membership of security council in the United Nations? Why would they question at the first place, when the people for whom these rights are meant are not bothered and have accepted the present situation as a way of life?

Where all do we see Human Rights violation in India? I think this question in itself is wrong. I must say, is there anywhere we dont see Human Rights violation in India? Why is this happening to us? Sorry to say, its because we are a race of "Dead People", most of whom are not even enjoying the basic daily life needs of a human and still we are silent and go on suffering. We at times link it with Religion and God and justify ourselves and all whats being done to us but God and Religion also says that "Tolerating wrong is equivalent to doing wrong" because by silently tolerating it, we are encouraging those who are exploiting us and doing the wrong to us as individuals and the society as a whole.

Some very valid questions were raised after Sonia Gandhi left to the US for treatment. Are these politicians more human than rest of the Indians? When they have failed to provide good healthcare facilities in the country, they should pay the price but the reverse is happening. We, the people pay the price for it. Unfortunately, those of us sitting in AC offices, cars and homes and using I Phones, Laptops and Tablets have changed their tunes and have forgotten the basic problems, issues and pains that almost 90% of our countrymen go through everyday and unfortunately its these facilitated people whose voice is heard. More than 60% of them care a damn to vote in cities like Mumbai because they are been given opportunity to loot, so why should it matter to them who rules the country. Many a times, I have asked them in reply to their tweets that rather than talking big things online, they should once take their loved one in normal government hospital for treatment. They should go there as normal Indian, as 90% of the people of the country have to go. Can they dare to do that? Forget about treatment, they cant even dare to go there for taking some very basic medicine injected.

Every other day, our loved ones die due to lack of proper treatment or live a sick life for years because of it. Most of us cant afford to get our loved ones treated in expensive private hospitals and even if we can afford, to quote a doctor- Private hospitals work like other "Private Companies". We are given targets of the number of surgeries, lab tests, etc that we need to do in a month for revenue generation". So even if you can afford it, they will give you a long list of tests to be done and then will definitely recommend you a surgery, which you should get done at the earliest. Almost a decade back, I had read a Survey in Outlook Magazine that "Medical sector is the most corrupt sector in India. It account for over 25% of the corruption done." So where will you go and who is responsible? What should we do when after spending lacs of rupees, we are not sure whether I needed that treatment or the treatment which has been done is right?

We are not sure whether the vegetables and fruits that we are eating have been ripened with life threatening injections and powders. We are not sure whether the petrol we are using in our cars is pure or has over 25% kerosene in it. We dont know how much of our money was allocated for the project and how it has been used and how much has gone into corruption. We dont know how much corruption is involved in Arms deals, putting the competency of our Armed forces and hence the safety of the country at risk. We are not bothered that my family also has the right to good education, medical treatment, healthy food and good jobs. We are not bothered that this is not what quality of life I must get. Even if we realize it, we end up showing our knowledge to the peers, relatives, competitors, or public in general and when it comes to doing something, we immediately blame others who dont even know as much as we know. Knowing something and still not doing anything is a bigger sin than not knowing about it at all. 

Human Rights are violated at every step in India. We dont get the seats in educational institutions that we deserve. We dont get through in competitive exams that we deserve to clear. innocent people are jailed or deprived of justice because they dont have money or influential links and goons are set free to commit more crime. People like Rajiv Gandhi or Narendra Modi who christened 1984 anti- Sikh riots and 2002 Gujarat anti- Muslim riots respectively are voted into power by our own people because till that time he has not burnt my house. Many people are seen advocating that Modi should become the PM of India. As I keep saying many a times, "You cant rear snakes in your backyard with a hope that they will bite your neighbours only". Those criminals or murders of Sikhs in 1984 or Muslims in 2002 have been left to roam around with impunity. Once they killed Sikhs or Muslims but being criminals, every other day they are creating or promoting crime against Indians, 8 out of 10 will definitely be against Hindus, being a majority, because before raping or murdering anyone, they dont ask victims religion.

Such abysmal is the condition in India that 4-5 top rank Medical Officers are killed in NRHM Scam in UP and no criminal has been arrested yet and the politicians behind all this cant ever be touched. And let us question ourselves, how many of those officers were Sikhs or Muslims? Likewise if Sikhs or Muslims feel happy when a person of other religion or caste is let down by a person of their community, same applies to them and a glaring example of the same is Pakistan. It had been harbouring anti-national elements in its territory and now the country itself is bleeding. Sikhs in Punjab also feel that nobody could damage Punjab and promote corruption so much as Badals did.

So, its high time that we all must wake up, understand that India is our home and all will be disturbed if any of the family member is disturbed. Lets not relate India with Hindus, Sikhs or Muslims but see this land as our motherland, which nurtures us, gives us food, shelter and homes to stay and sleep peacefully. We should vote unbiased and the only basis of casting a vote should be the past clean record of the candidate. We should learn about our basic human rights and start questioning about them and demand them. We must support, encourage and reward positive and rational behaviour and curb those who promote violence, corruption and anti social activities. We are not living in a poor country but only a few have looted the our wealth because we didnt care for it and didnt question them. We also have right atleast to healthy food, clean environment, good education and proper medical facilities. Lets wake up, realize, organize and work towards all this and not rest unless our goal is achieved. Lets implement same lessons in our lives which every parents teach their kids everyday. If all of us atleast become honest to our kids and ourselves implement what we ask them to do, our home India will be a much better, happier and peaceful place to live in.